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cody hamlin
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cody hamlin a great friend who Ive seen grow so much and a man with a great smile. Favorite track: The Magnet and the Stone.
Michael Rivas
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Michael Rivas Amazing songwriting and production. Favorite track: Letters in Lipstick.
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released December 8, 2016

"He who exerts his mind to the utmost knows his nature."

This is in memory of Uncle JoeJoe. UJJ

This one is dedicated to Papa Steele, Momma Shmuggs, and my beautiful parents for supporting me and loving me.

Absolute love to Jandro, my beautiful man that makes my life easier; my habibi, Mark, for securing my ground; and my brother and sister Graham and Taylor that I love dearly.

A thanks to Graham Steele for his help with vocals and guitar on: For You, Letters in Lipstick, and Long Road Ahead. Thanks, boobah.

A thanks to Alejandro Gaytan for his help with vocals on: Bones, The Magnet and the Stone, I Hope I Die with a Good Haircut, Grimming a Reaper, Siddhartha, and Boy Product. As well as guitar on: The Magnet and the Stone. Love ya, bud.

A thanks to Sean Auten for his help with guitar on: Sauten's Shooting Star. Keep goonin'.

Much love to Dillon , Chief Lazlo, 8-Ben, Rick, Nicky, Harley, The Gang, Chris Calderon, Jesse, and Liliana.

Thank you for your time.




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Be Good Boy Los Angeles, California

I'm GB, that's paz, (and here I'd also mention: The Jalapeno and J-Dawg) and together we unite to make the forces of Good Boy

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Track Name: Bones
lost in the woods
bones shiver cold
but i'm happy here
in my taste i'm all alone

i hate the beach
and i know the sand hates me
sends my bones in retreat
pasty burns so easily
Track Name: For You
and i'll just hangout in my room all day
thinking 'bout the times that you would say
"i love you, baby, don't you ever go"
"i love you, baby, more than you'll ever know"

and i'll get really fucking bummed
'cause you're gonna sing all my songs
way better than i ever will
just the thought of that fucking kills
Track Name: Lovely Philosophy
teach me to quiet down
accept and drown
in this tiny space you've left for me

dig me from the ground
in this grave i found inside of you
lovely philosophy
let me go

i don't want to grow in let me grow the way you do
i don't want to stay in let me be as big as you are

i compromised
let you be the man you say you are
lovely philosophy
hold me down and keep your crown

i don't want to grow in let me grow the way you do
i don't want to stay in i will be as big as you are

i will be as big as you are

i could be as big as you are
Track Name: Letters in Lipstick
it was your favorite shirt you wore
the way you looked it hurt
told me, too fast, we went
you needed your space and then you left
now there's a new man
holding your waist

i'm not a man
i'm glad to know
pretty in pink
lipstick for weeks
it's glamour i please

and i love me for every dress and every mistake
and every heartbreak that you ever put me through
and i realized, i don't love you

it's not the way i am
it's the way that you look at me
never felt like your man

i want to be held, not to be holding
Track Name: The Magnet and the Stone
an opposite attracts
we are the magnet and the stone
two lonely only lovers
together hiding in our own
when i was sick you told me,
"love is what we're alive for"

"love is who we're alive for"

break me and i'll break you just as bad
in spite, i know i'm fucked up
bed-ridden and i'm sad
i told you
"baby, i'll always love you in the dark"

"baby, i'll always love when it's dark"
Track Name: I Hope I Die with a Good Haircut
you can say my time is short
all the ones you care for
will one day not be there
for you

take me back
you can't go back

and i hope that i die with a good haircut

you can say my time repeats
and all the ones i care for
will one day not be there
for me
Track Name: Grimming a Reaper
tearing at a scab
itching a pain you once were
scary thoughts come back
grimming a reaper of a cold fucking night

tearing at a memory's past life
swimming to win just drowned instead
this is a gods world but we're too shy
fuck it anyway lets get high

married to a monster
Track Name: Siddhartha
stuck in a time capsule
fucked in my own rambles
when will someone save me
when will someone take me
Track Name: Boy Product//Sauten's Shooting Star
impaled by every little star dust boat
unsure of every little speck of something
build great self-esteem
to live in a castle right beside a sea

i'll be beside you

to live in a jungle hung by blossoming greens
sweeter than an apple, oh pick me please
excuse the mess that was made
i was going through something

i'll be beside you
Track Name: Happy To Be Here
sometimes i forget how lucky
i am to just be alive
sometimes i'm a wreck
plastered before daylight and
singing sad songs
to know that all my friends are
that hurts more than the stab to
my neck
to know that all my loved ones are
that hurts more than the shot to
my head

and i'm so happy to be here
with the ones that make me smile
and i'm so happy to be here
with the ones that can see me cry

so remember, if you're awake then
you're alive
no matter how that sun sets, it'll
always make a rise
if you want to bite the bullet, don't
forget the ones you love
or who loves you
i know there's someone out there
hoping that they see you til your
skin decides to die